What is the Highest Form of Leadership with Frank DeDominicis

What is the Highest Form of Leadership with Frank DeDominicis Soar Above Success #4

SAS #4: Frank DeDominicis goes over the importance of personal leadership and how to lead people effectively. We dive deep into psychological research and identify key areas that affect your leadership as a business owner. We also go over how to get people to do what you want them to do, without having to tarnish or harm your relationship.

What you will learn in this podcast:

  • Learn about your Charisma Factor
  • What is Servitude
  • The relationship between Batman, Superman, Wonder Women, and Leadership
  • The Highest form of Leadership
  • Styles of Power – Dominant, Associative, Inhibitive
  • Non-Verbal Conversations
  • How to Develop Team Leadership
  • How to Deal with Bad Customers
  • What is the Negativity Bias
  • How to implement personal leadership in your business
  • 3 qualities to become a business leader
  • How to inspire and motivate others
  • The Importance of non-verbal communication
  • The importance of a mentor

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