Is Your Website Mobile Responsive and Why Should You Care?

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Did you know there are over 3 billion people who have cell phones?

How many of those people do you think use their smartphones to browse the web? You have but a few seconds to capture your audience and if your website is hard to use on their phone the sad truth is, you will lose a lot of visitors.

Mobile Responsive Websites are Essential for Business

Get your Rank On:
Now not only do visitors like mobile responsive websites, but search engines do too!

Believe it or not, your website will get penalized if it is not mobile responsive and other websites that are mobile responsive will rank on google above yours! Don’t miss out on traffic from something so easy to fix.

On April 21st, 2015  Google released an updated algorithm that encourages websites to be mobile responsive. Those websites that are mobile responsive will receive priority rank on Google mobile compared to those websites that are not. Even if the non-mobile responsive has a higher perceived authority or rank.

Stay in the game:
Having a mobile responsive website keeps you competitive.

Mobile users are starting to expect websites to be mobile responsive, when they get to a website and find out it’s not mobile responsive chances are they are not going to stick around long.

This will affect your user retention and bounce rate. When a website is mobile optimized and looks solid on a mobile device, users appreciate that and tend to be more engaged when viewing.

Try for yourself, go view a non-mobile responsive site and see how long you can tolerate browsing it on that tiny screen.

Be Attractive:
When you look at a person subconsciously you will start to judge the person, do they look messy, smart, organized. Well, we do this with websites too, this is your first impression to your users. Make sure you stand out and catch their eye!

You have literally 3 seconds to captivate your users when they land on your site. I imagine with mobile users it’s even less. You need to be as bold as possible during that first, brief interaction in order to impress them and get them to stick on your site.

Don’t Cut Off Your Leg
Did you know that when your website is not mobile responsive, the links and words on your page will be cut off when it loads? You might even lose your entire message since the users can’t even see it.

Certain areas on the site will not be in the viewable screen on the device. That means that users will only see a small portion before they need to start scrolling around. How annoying!

You don’t want to make the browsing experience full of effort. Make it as easy and seamless as possible for your audience. They’re on the go, make the information easily accessible.

Fast as Lightning
We live in the generation of fast fast fast. People expect fast service, fast loading websites, fast responses. Visit Google’s comprehensive site speed analyzer and determine how fast your site loads…

Okay, did it take more than 3 seconds, because if it did that’s bad news bears. Over a 3 second load time not only loses valuable visitors, but it also reduces the potential for your site to appear on the top search results.

Not only are people impatient, but so are search engines. Fast, mobile responsive sites are no longer options or convenience for users. You must do this to be competitive.

Offering a mobile responsive website tells your customers and visitors that you care about their business. You care about their visit. You care about how you appear out in the world wide web.

If you’ve spent any money or time on your website, or any website for that matter, you know how essential it is to have a mobile responsive site. We often take it for granted on our mobile devices, until we see a site that is not mobile responsive.

Then it quickly becomes apparent how important being mobile optimized truly is. How do you feel about mobile responsiveness on the web? Please comment below.

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Ashley is head of customer experience and has over 4 years of customer knowledge. Her goal is 100% Customer Satisfaction. In her free time she enjoys hiking and trailblazing.