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11 Websites For Killer Fonts

There are so many places to find paid or free font sites where you can search for new fonts to use for a project, poster, blog, or even your website. Check out the collection below of our top 10 favorite resources. Hopefully you find the best one for your needs! Similar to how images require […]

17 Steps to Take if Your WordPress Site Gets Hacked

Website hacks are getting more frequent. Hacks can have a multitude of purposes and targets. The goal isn’t always clear. But one thing remains true: it’s a very dark and unpleasant experience. Sometimes your site gets hacked and it gets redirected to some porn site. Sometimes it gets code injected into PHP, or Javascript files. We […]

8 Reasons Why WordPress is the Future

WordPress has been around for sometime now now. As the development community continues to grow and get larger, it’s pretty apparent that WordPress has entered into the mainstream. Because of its wild popularity, and easy implementation the platform has swept over 20% of all websites worldwide. This means that WordPress powers over 20% of the worlds websites. […]

6 Reasons You Should Own Your Name Domain

What’s in a name? Well, a lot actually. The name of your website defines its character and can also define its purpose. Imagine, going to this website and seeing a bunch of stories about celebrities. Don’t worry, that won’t ever happen, but wouldn’t that be just strange? Before even visiting the site your brain has […]

How to Make SEO Friendly URLs in WordPress

Why does the URL structure matter for my website? How do I customize my URL and should I care if its SEO friendly? SEO is a broad and very large topic. There are many things that go into a site that has good on page as well as good off page SEO. In fact, there […]

5 Quick Tips to Overcome Procrastination Right Now!

Do you procrastinate, or you know someone who does? Chances are you answered yes to both of those questions. I promise this does not mean you are lazy, or that you work well under pressure. Many people, even really successful people, procrastinate. After reading this short article, follow these steps and stop your dilly-dallying, it’s time to […]

4 Major Rules for Copying Content

Adding unique and qualified content to your website or blog can be a difficult and daunting task. Content is seemingly all over the web, but it’s just out of reach for the common website owner. The most important thing to realize about the content that you create on the web is that all of it is proprietary […]

How to Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death

It happened. Your site crashed. It’s officially over. All your work is gone! Right?! Well no. Actually everything is completely fine and your work is still there, and your site still exists. If you ever encounter the WordPress White Screen of Death, either on the backend admin page, or on the front end user page, […]

Why Your 404 Page is Losing You Money

Whatever happens to users who wind up in the wrong place on your website? Do they just go to a default 404 error not found page? Most of the time that’s the case. Most of the time, the user ends up on the default 404 page.  This page usually just tells the user that the content cannot […]

7 Reasons Why a Good Website Matters

Often times I visit a website from a company that seems reputable, and I get turned off. Immediately, I realize that this company did not invest nearly enough money in their web presence to make me even consider using them for product or service. A web presence these days is so important to the outward image […]