8 Reasons Why WordPress is the Future

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WordPress has been around for sometime now now. As the development community continues to grow and get larger, it’s pretty apparent that WordPress has entered into the mainstream. Because of its wild popularity, and easy implementation the platform has swept over 20% of all websites worldwide. This means that WordPress powers over 20% of the worlds websites.

WordPress powers more than 24% of the web — a figure that rises every day.

from WordPress.org

That’s millions of websites powered by WordPress.  According to BuiltWith.com there are over 230,000 websites in the top million websites that run on WordPress.

The bottom line is that word press isn’t efficient, organized, free, open source, and ready to use platform to create an online presence nearly instantly.

All you need is hosting, and a domain name to get started. Because a WordPress’s is easy installation, and robust features and in plug-in capability, it creates an ideal platform for any small to medium business that is trying to make an impression on the web.

It even has the ultimate flexibility of being customizable to suit whatever your needs are.

1. Efficient

WordPress has a dedicated backend menu. Once you log into the admin backend, you’re able to start using it immediately. The learning curve is very small, especially if you only intend on using it for basic features such as blogging. It even comes prebuilt with several themes, that are customizable out-of-the-box. You have an area to manage all your content and posts, an area to manage all your pages, and an area for the rest of your site’s configuration.

It’s all divided beautifully. And, if you need additional functionality to your site. Enter plug-ins.

2. Plug-ins 

Plug-ins extend the functionality of WordPress. Boasting over 42,705 plugins and counting,  the extension capability of your WordPress install is limitless. There’s a plug-in for nearly everything you can possibly want. In fact, companies have built entire businesses is just on plug-ins alone.

Whether it be a forum, a membership site, an e-commerce site, a contact form, or a simple social share button, the plug-ins and extensions that WordPress has to offer is absolutely jarring. There is no platform that even comes close to the amount of development action that WordPress has.  To be frank,  yes there’s a plug-in for that.

3. Themes

WordPress also boasts  an impressive amount of themes available for its platform. Everything from ready-made drag-and-drop content management systems, all the way to frameworks that are just blank slates for the artist. Any kind of theme imaginable is available for WordPress.

You can even integrate aspects of Twitter Bootstrap and other mobile responsive CSS packages into any WordPress theme. In fact, most themes already have this built in. You save yourself in in enormous amount of time of coding, by simply using a built in theme that has everything you already want. All you have to do is install and configure it. Now, of course there may be some minor modifications you need to do to make the theme “yours”, but that’s where a robust support community and support company comes in.

4. SEO

Because a WordPress is extendability, and its ability to adapt to new web ecosystems, search engine optimization is typically built into WordPress. Depending on the themes that you’ve chosen and the plug-ins that you are using, the host and a couple other factors WordPress can out rank any other custom-made website. In general, SEO is a breeze when you’re using a system that monitors it for you and tells you exactly what your score is.

Competition for search engine ranking has increased over the past years because of the availability of resources like WordPress, however it puts you at an equal advantage as well. It’s like having a guide or Sherpa take you through the Internet mountain and show you around.

5. Organization

How do you organize a website? That’s a very difficult problem to solve, and oftentimes for the small business owner it’s something that gets overlooked. Most small business owners cannot afford to hire UI/UX team. This is problematic because then the website doesn’t flow the way it should.

Because WordPress is already organized into post, pages, categories, menu items, etc. we already know what to put where. And, most themes come with demo content to give us that guiding hand and help develop that website  we have been dreaming about, but just didn’t know how to build it. Ultimately, WordPress eliminates many steps for us, and let’s just get out of our own way, so that we can focus on building our web presence and our content.

6. Free and Open Source

WordPress allows you to host an instance of any website you’d like on WordPress.com. It’s 100% free and you don’t incur hosting costs.  you can host any blog or website you’d like on WordPress.com.

If you choose to use the open source version of WordPress, all you have to do is download it from WordPress.org and follow the quick five minute install guide.

Because is open source and the CodeBase is open to the public any developer can go in and modify it. This creates a robust sharing community. Everybody can contribute and make were press that much better. Indeed, WordPress has the largest development community for any platform out there. And it’s not going anywhere. This is why WordPress is a great idea and a great solution for your personal blog or business website. It’s not going out of style.

7. Ready to Use

Once you install WordPress it’s ready to use. There is no additional  steps needed to begin using the WordPress platform.  Once it’s installed it’s ready and it’s live. Of course, you may want to modify it and change some configuration, but by and large, WordPress is ready to use with the default, minimum settings.

You can use the built in theme right out of the box with WordPress. It’s ready to go nearly immediately.

8. Community

From the community standpoint,  WordPress has it all. Simply put there’s no larger community out there for development platform. People love collaborating, especially on open source projects. Did I mention that WordPress is open source and has the largest community? With that said, that means most technical issues you may run into,  have a solution available  because of the size of the community. It may take a little bit of digging, and sometimes technical knowledge, but the solution is out there.

With WordPress gaining more popularity and more websites turning on as we speak it’s an obvious choice and a very big contender. For anybody considering a robust content management system that has virtually unlimited options, WordPress is a safe bet.

Why do you love WordPress? Please comment below.

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