5 Quick Tips to Overcome Procrastination Right Now!

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Do you procrastinate, or you know someone who does?

Chances are you answered yes to both of those questions. I promise this does not mean you are lazy, or that you work well under pressure.

Many people, even really successful people, procrastinate. After reading this short article, follow these steps and stop your dilly-dallying, it’s time to put a stop to your procrastination.

5 Methods to Conquer Your Procrastination Once and For All!

1. Realize your Procrastinating

We are all good at making excuses especially to ourselves and sometimes don’t even realize were procrastinating.

Our own subconscious mind is designed that way. It’s called cognitive dissonance and allows us to rationalize a situation when we have competing beliefs about that situation. We know we should get some work done, but we constantly make excuses to feel better about the situation, regardless of our choice. That darn subconscious!

So in the case of procrastination, we will make up in our own mind why we are doing it and why it’s actually a good thing. Ever have those thoughts that give you excuses as to why you think you deserve to procrastinate? Saying something like I’ll do it later, it’s not that much work.

You will never be able to move past your procrastination until you realize what your doing. This will also help you figure out why you are procrastinating. If you can address the root cause of this behavior you have won half the battle.

2. Break it Down

Make a list of all of the tasks at hand and break them down. When you divide big tasks into littler tasks it makes it easier to start to work on that project. Breaking it down will help you get started.

When your tasks are broken down into smaller tasks it makes it better for completing your projects and getting started. Once you have less to do until you reach your first goal its easier to start since its less daunting.

3. Detailed timeline and deadlines

Having timelines on when each task is due will help you hold yourself accountable. Knowing the priority and the date in which something is due allows your brain to logically work thought each task.

This not only helps you process the information into smaller steps, but also helps you know what order to start in. Sometimes, I have so much to do and no idea where to start that I don’t do anything. Having each task with a deadline helps me and I know it will help you as well have a starting point on what you should work on.

4. Move Past the Excuses

Get ready for it, here is comes, any minute now… the reason your putting it off! I’m not in the mood, I don’t feel good, I have time before this task is due, I can do this later, I don’t know where to start. Sound familiar?

The excuses will come and they will catch you by surprise.

Knowing the excuses will come will help you prepare to get past them when they do. Don’t let them catch you by surprise. When they arise, which they will, make sure you have a plan in place to not listen.

That’s right, don’t listen to what your brain is telling you. Take a deep breath and no matter the thought you just had, ignore it and keep moving thought the tasks you have listed our for yourself to achieve.

5. Reap The Reward

I know it sounds silly, but each time you finish a task that you have assigned for the day reap the reward. Take pleasure in knowing you can cross off one more item from your list and you are that much closer to finishing all your tasks.

Humans react very positively to reward, and its important you celebrate each win. Taking a moment to truly appreciate each small accomplishment will help you move past future excuses.

Choose any reward you want- watching your favorite TV show, going out to dinner, or just taking a moment to relish the sense of accomplishment. The choice is yours, but don’t skip this step!

Practice makes perfect right, don’t give up. The more you follow these five steps the less you will notice yourself procrastinating.

How are you managing procrastination? Please comment below!

P.S. Stop reading articles, and start getting work done ;).

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