29 Seriously Free Stock Photo Websites

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When faced with trying to find a photo, many people are not aware that most of the photos they find around the web are not free. In fact, there have been many times that I have worked with clients and noticed that they are using images that are not theirs.

Legally, you cannot just use any image that looks good and fits your criteria. There are rules for copying content on the web.

The repercussions from using others’ copyrighted material can range from Cease and Desist letters to full blown lawsuits.

In general, anything that is posted online already is considered copyrighted material and is owned by the original person who posted that material.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule and also fair-use laws, but in general, you cannot use somebody else’s material without their explicit, written permission.

When in doubt, don’t copy someone else’s work!

But…Hold on.

I have great news for you. There are options that exist that you can get free stock photos, seriously. These are not just photos you can use on your blog, many of these sites allow you to use the images commercially.

There are plenty of places on the web to find images that are completely free and legal to use. Some are Royalty Free and some are Creative Commons Free (0).

What does it mean to be Royalty Free?

To be clear, royalty free does not mean the image is free to use by anybody.

In reference to photos, a royalty is when you must pay somebody a set monetary amount or percent for using the content of that individual.

Royalty free photos is when you can use their intellectual property (a photo) for free without paying ongoing licensing fees. You simply pay the author of the photo one-time to use the photo or image and you are then able to use the photo or image as many times without having to pay additional license fees to the author.

Usually you can use the images for both personal and commercial use. Sometimes you can obtain a Royalty Free image that requires attribution or a note where the image came from.

CC0_Free_for_Commercial_Use__No_attribution_RequiredWhat does it mean to be CC0?

On the other hand, these are photos that you can modify, distribute, and copy for free.

There is absolutely no attribution or license required for using the photos and all you have to do is simply post the material online.

Other Creative Commons licenses may require some attribution and it’s best to check out all the definitions at the Creative Commons website.

In general, these are the types of images you should be using for your content; ones that require no attribution. The list below have been hand picked and are really free stock photo sites.

The Best Free Stock Photo Sites 

1. Pixabay

Pixabay Free Stock Photos
Pixabay is my all time favorite free stock image website. These images are beautiful and easy to navigate. All of the images are high quality and are not blurry. most of these images are completely free. The images on this website are released under the Creative Commons CCO policy. On this website you also will see images by Shutterstock, this is to help fund Pixabay.

2. Unsplash

Unsplash 10 New Photos Every 10 Days

Get 10 new photos every 10 days. All of these images are high quality.The Images from Unsplash are also related under the Creative Commons CCO policy. Images on this website are searchable and divided into three categories: Featured, New, and Collections.

3. Magdeleine

Magdeleine High Resolution Stock PhotoOne new high resolution photo everyday. Use their filters to find the best photo for your needs. Every photo on Magdeleine is handpicked to help provide high quality images. Make sure you filter by CC0 public domain images.

4. Gratisography

Gratisography New Photos WeeklyNew photos added every week. All of the photos on Gratisography are taken by photographer Ryan McGuire. You have options to search by animals, nature, objects, people, urban, and whimsical. Click on the image you like and the high resolution image will download to your computer.

5. New Old Stock

New Old Stock Free Vintage PhotosGet vintage photos from public archives. Free of any known copyright restrictions. At the very least useable for personal and non-commercial use which includes medium sized articles, blog posts, and personal projects. New Old Stock also offers something called a pro photo pack which are edited and curated photos.

6. Public Domain Archive

Public Domain Archive Free Public Domain Photos New photos every week that are completely free. The images on Public Domain Archive are a collection of public domain images found on the web archived by Matt at Public Domain Archive. A combination of free images, and premium images for $10 a month.

7. Pickup Image

Pickup Image Free High Quality PhotosView the expansive collection of free high quality images. Feel free to modify, distribute, and copy all images on Pickup Image. Use search bar for custom search or search by tags, favorites or clipart selections

8. Picography

Picography Free High Resolution PhotosSearch images using the search bar, or scroll through the images. Very simple website, where you can search, subscribe, or upload your own images. All images on Picography are free though the Creative Commons CC0 license. By Using images you agree to not claim any image as your own work. Enjoy pages of photos for your use.

9. Superfamous

SuperFamous High Resolution Nature PhotosAll the images at SuperFamous are photographed by dutch photographer Folkert Gorter. Enjoy his collection of high resolution Nature images that have an abstract feel to them.

10. Pexels

Pexels High Quality CC0 PhotosGet high quality free images under the CC0 license on Pexels. Search bar in top left corner to custom search for images. Or you can use the pre-selected categories under their Discover option.

11. Free Images

FreeImages Over 388,086 free photosOver 388,086 free photos to choose from.All images are free as long as you follow their image license agreement. FreeImages is very easy to navigate, searchable, and pre-grouped categories of images to search from.

12. Stock Snap

StockSnap Hand Picked Free PhotosView hundreds of free images that are uploaded weekly. All images at Stock Snap: are free under the Creative Commons CC0 license. Photos are hand picked from the internet and uploaded from their personal network of photographers.

13. Foodies Feed

FoodiesFeed Free Foodie PhotosHigh quality stock images of food Images on Foodies Feed are free to use but cannot be resold. There are over 400 food, or food related images for your use. All of the free images are in the “Food images” section. There is also a “premium” selection that is not free. Jakub is the owner of the website and takes all of the photos. This website started as a personal project for Jakub as a way to share the images that were sitting on his hard drive.

14. Life of Pix

LifeOfPix Free High Resolution Images WeeklyA collection of free high resolution images with no copyright restrictions. New photos are added weekly. All images are free to use for personal and commercial use on Life of Pix.

15. PD Pics

PD Pics Free High Resolution PhotosSearch over thousands of high resolution images. All of the photos on this website were taken by PD Pics in-house photographers. search using the Public Domain selected categories.

16. Bucketlistly

Bucketlistly Free Travel PhotosA free collection of travel photos that anyone can use. Images from Bucketlistly cannot be used for Commercial use: see the why free section to see what qualifies as commercial use. Free to use in blog posts, and desktop backgrounds.

17. Jay Mantri


Jay Mantri Free Landscaped Photos

Free images under the Creative Commons License CC0 to use as you would like. view Jay Mantri’s collection of beautiful landscaped images. View 7 new photos each week.

18. Kaboompics

Kaboom Pics Free Photos for Commercial UseFree images even for commercial use provided to you by Kaboompics owner Karolina from Poland. All images are full resolution images with a wide variety to choose from. All Karolina asks is you can promote her website by providing a source link with the images from her site.

19. Negative Space

Negative Space Completely Free Stock PhotosAll Images from this website have no copyright restrictions under the creative Commons License. so can can use them how you want. Check into this website weekly as every week they have 20 new photos. Negative Space offers a variety of beautiful high resolution images.

20. Cupcake

Cupcake Free Stock Images by Joans WimmerstromAll photos found on cupcake are under the Creative Commons License, which means you can use them whenever and however you want. The photographer and owner of Cupcake is Joans Wimmerström from Sweden.

21. 1 Million Free Pictures

1 Million Free Photos Thousands of Free PhotosView thousands of completely free photos taken by amateur photographers. Toper the owner of 1 Million Free Pictures and the photographer behind the images. He admits he is not a professional. His goal is to dedicate 100 images to this website for the next 30 years.

22. ISO Republic

ISO Republic Free and Premium Stock PhotosView over 500 free and premium stock photos. Tom Eversley is the owner of ISO Republic as well as a photographer from England. If you don’t have time to visit their website, you can sign up to their email list and get new daily photos sent directly to your inbox.

23. Death to Stock Photo

Death to Stock Photo Free Photos MonthlyAllie and David are the founders and photographers of Death to Stock Photo. They want to help brands create rich experiences with high quality images. They make it so easy that they will deliver new photos right to your inbox every month.

24. Raumrot

Raumrot Hand Picked High Quality Free PhotosImages found on Raumrot are free for commercial use. All images found on Raumrot are hand picked to provide you with high quality images. Browse through photo sets, special sets, and image categories. View hundreds of vibrant photos to choose from.

25. SplitShire

SplitShire 10 Years of Collected Free Photos

Get free high quality photos with no copyright restrictions. Daniel Nanesou the owner of SplitShire and photographer had ten years worth of images  that he captured. Two years ago he decided to make Splitshire as a way to share these images with the word.

26. PhotoPin

PhotoPin Millions of Free PhotosSearch millions of free photos from under the Creative Commons License on PhotoPin to use for your blogs and personal use. Simple search function where you can type the keyword you’re looking for. PhotoPin uses Flickr API to help get quicker search results.

27. Public Domain Pictures

Public Domain Pictures Free Amateur PhotosA brief signup is required on Public Domain Pictures, however after you sign up you can search a large variety of amateur photos. If you want to use these images for commercial use it’s important to know that some photos do require a model or property release.

28. Stock Vault

StockVault Photo Sharing


With over 63 thousand images to search from. StockVault is a stock photo sharing website where photographers, designers, and students can share images with each other. Please visit their terms of use to see what you can and cannot use images for from this website. You cannot use any images on this website for any commercial use.

29. Ancestry Images


Ancestry IMages Free Antique PhotosThis website has a collection of antique prints, maps, and portraits dating as far back as the 17th century. You are free to use images from Ancestry Images as long as it is not for commercial use. If you want to use an image for commercial use you can contact the owner of the website.

I hope these resources help and you now can also use images that are free of use and completely legal.

Did I miss any? If you have any other websites that you think I should include, please comment below! 

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    Just to let you know that I’m sharing more than 4000 downloadable photos on Flickr, all available for free under the CC0 license :

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    I have recently launched my collection of 30,000 images into the online community! The stock images are totally free to use for personal and business use without any back-link needed – http://Blogpiks.com

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  • Free Images

    You and your readers might also like https://free-images.com/ (not to be confused with Free Images on your list) It searches through millions of high quality free stock photos, art and vector images. All images are public domain or CCO and commercial use is OK. No login or attribution is required. You can search separately for black/white, stock, vector or art images. Please consider recommending this website as a resource for free stock photos.