10 Common Misconceptions of Websites

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Finally, it’s delivered. The website that you have been waiting for. Long awaited and finally delivered.

The agency you hired to build your dreams has been working long and hard for weeks on your project.

You’ve been on the phone for multiple consulting calls and times just to get your vision out there.

Your website is finally ready to use and you should be getting tons of new business as a result.

Right? I mean, you’ve invested all this money to make it this far, you would think your website would get you your return on investment in at least 6 months.


People Build their Websites With the Wrong Mindset

This is one of the most common misconceptions of web development and business websites in general.

Just because you have a site, does not mean anybody will see it

Most business owners go in with the wrong mindset. They decide they need to beef up their web presence. They either find an agency from a Google search, or get recommended someone who is good at what they do. After spending a pretty penny, usually north of $4,000.00 for a standard brochure site, the business owner is ecstatic to finally get up and running.

Once they launch they get terribly disappointed.

Nothing happens.

That’s right! A big fat nothing. Nothing at all. No visits not even an acknowledgement from the search engine congratulating them on a job well done.

To their utter disappointment when they launch: nobody gives a shit about your new website! 

That’s Right!

I’m going to repeat that once more: nobody gives a s-h-i-t about your new website! 

Sure, the developer or agency can build you a dream site with all the bells and whistles, and even get the on page SEO right, but what they cannot do is guarantee visitors. And what they cannot account for is the external forces.

Clients ask me all the time, what happens when I build a Google compliant site that gets freshly launched?

What happens is that you get a site that goes up and nothing more. There are many factors that influence the amount of traffic to a site, and just getting a brand new site off the ground with brand new code is one of them. But there are far more factors here indeed.

The hard work isn’t necessarily the development of the site; it’s often times the marketing. Which is why Internet marketing has swollen to such a huge industry over the last decade.

The marketing piece comes after the site is developed and new sites, especially new domains, take time to gain dominance in the search engines and generate traffic.

Usually, if the site isn’t actively promoted, it just sits there and really doesn’t do much for you or anybody else.

The site effectively gets indexed and then really doesn’t rank. Google knows how much you are updating your site and how much popularity and relevance it has for the particular audience you have selected.

Misconception 1 My Brand New Website is Better Than The Old One

Just because you have new code, doesn’t mean you will rank for all search terms that you try to rank on. There are plenty of outdated sites that aren’t even mobile responsive, but have a lot of authority that outrank your new site.

Your new website won’t necessarily be that hot commodity you were hoping for. In fact, sometimes it’s best to stick with your old site if you are expecting the new site to outperform. The site itself, though important in rank, isn’t the sole factor of SEO.

Depending on your competition, you may get beaten out by a crappier or dated looking site. This is why it’s so important to really understand why you are doing a site overhaul.

Perhaps it’s because your developed disappeared. Perhaps it’s because you want a new content management system like WordPress. Perhaps you just hate the design and have extra cash to change it or rebrand your image.

Just make sure the reason isn’t because you are hoping for a miracle and this is your last chuck of change to get your business off the ground.

Misconception 2 my new site will be loved by search engines

As I mentioned earlier, a new website doesn’t equate to new traffic. A website is the platform to receive the traffic, but the traffic isn’t generated from your website.

Your website might get the attention of some search engines. Most likely, however, if you don’t have a lot of content, authority, rank or longevity for your site, nothing will really change.

Depending on whom you chose to develop your site, you may get an error free site out of it, but more than likely your site will be riddled with small errors. to check your errors see the W3C validator. Search engines don’t like that.

You won’t really get more traffic and you won’t really change the way you do business. Your customers might appreciate the move to modernization, and this is generally a good business practice, but you shouldn’t bank on it.

Search engine optimization is an extremely complex game and is not for the faint of heart. It changes rapidly and unpredictably. The best practice is not to try to game the system, but to be honest with your site and practice SEO the right way.

You will be rewarded time and time again.

Misconception 3  My New Site will Generate Tons of Traffic

Think about this one for a second. Take a breath and think. What does “generate traffic” mean? Your site doesn’t inherently generate traffic. It receives traffic.

Therefore, your site is incapable of generating traffic on its own. People may see the site, but it is incapable of generating traffic. Search engines can send you qualified traffic that is relevant to the keyword you rank on, but on its own, the site doesn’t do anything for you.

Traffic generation is a strategy. A new website is just once piece of the equation.

Misconception 4 everybody will Love my New Website

Ok so you finally got some visitors to your site. Inherently, you can’t please everybody and some people will be turned off by your presence. That’s ok. Some visitors may absolutely love the new website. We can’t possibly please everyone.

Just because it’s new, doesn’t mean the agency or developer put a whole lot of time or effort in User Experience (UX). A lot of the time, especially for smaller budget sites, this whole thing is completely skipped.

new sites are built with the best knowledge of web development at the current time, not necessarily the best design.

So let the haters hate. At least you got a new website that you like.

Misconception 5 My New Website is Perfect

Far from it. There is simply no such thing as a perfect website. The question you should be asking is if your website fulfills your needs. If the answer is yes, then your website is perfect to you. Now wait a year, you will soon realize that it’s not perfect again.

This is because the Internet keeps evolving. If things stayed the same, it would become pretty consistent and boring pretty fast. One of the nice things about this evolution is that we never know what it will become.

This is why it’s so important for you to keep up with the modern code and information out there about rankings, and marketing strategies.

Misconception 6 There is Nothing Else I need to do except wait

Like the Internet, your website should be treated as a forever evolving organism. It’s never done. There is always something more to do with your web presence.

This is why it can be difficult to put a stamp of completion on anything. once your new site is delivered, your work is just beginning. This is the scary part for most people.

Now’s the time to develop content, develop a marketing strategy and ultimately start driving traffic to your website.

Misconception 7 My Website Never Needs to Be Maintained.

Wrong again. Like a home, car or business your website always needs maintenance. There is never a moment that everything is perfectly updated on your site and will never require maintenance.

Because there are so many factors like hosting, servers, code and many others, something is bound to go wrong sometimes. Eventually, things will fail and will require repair.

In today’s web world, with increasing demands for content and a clean, refreshing web experience, it is extremely important to have a maintained website that is a pleasures to be on. You want to keep users there for as long as possible.

Misconception 8 I don’t need security on my site

Yes you do. Everybody does. Gone are days that websites don’t get hacked. In today’s Internet, everybody is liable to be hacked. Every website is capable of being hacked, even for the smallest things.

This is why it’s always important to practice modern security implementations on your new website.

Misconception 9 Once I’m Done with SEO, I’m Done

You’re never done with SEO. It’s an ongoing practice with the search engines. Because algorithms change, SEO is constantly being updated.

Of course, there are some sites that still rank fairly high and are fairly outdated, staying on top of modern SEO practices is important. Also, consistent content and site updates are also important

For the most part, search engines like to see relevant, updated sites.

Misconception 10 My New Website will save my business

Please don’t fall for this one. If anybody is pitching a new website that will save our business, run away. A new website will certainly not save your business by any means.

A new website will help your business become more visible and user friendly (hopefully), but it will certainly not save your business. That’s simply not realistic.

So What’s the Mindset?

Most business owners assume that the work is done once the site is delivered. This is a very dangerous assumption because it can sabotage your expectations.

A great website that nobody can see is just like a tree falling in the forest…well you know how that goes. If you have a new website and nobody sees it, then what’s the point of the new website?

Consider purchasing a new website when you feel you have outgrown your current one. Not when you feel you need a new one for the purpose of generating more organic leads. A new website is designed to help you close the sale, not do it for you entirely.

What is your experience with agencies and new websites? Please comment below.


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